A Busy Week and a Birthday!

March 10, 2015

Audra’s been a busy little bee, plotting her next move in culinary domination and being spoiled with sweet treats from a close friend and former #Masterchef partner-in-crime!


“So, can you guess what’s going into these jars? #ImSoExcited ! ~ Audra”


There are close to a thousand of these little jars eagerly awaiting all the hard work Audra has been putting into their contents (and no, they’re not tequila-wormed shot glasses). We’ll keep you updated on progress and a sneak-peek at these exciting new products – suffice to way, the production office has tried some and found it hard not to triple dip!

This past fortnight we also indulged in a delicious meal at #ThePottingShed, boozy neighbour to The Grounds of Alexandria. With a fun, relaxed atmosphere, this new  hot spot was teaming with folk of all ages, drinking, laughing and keeping dry out of a ferocious Sydney storm. We ordered pretty well – the Kurobuta Pork Belly Sliders being a highlight – but here’s a tip: don’t order the Jacket-Roasted Sweet Potato if you’re partner’s already snuck in the Pumpkin Fatteh – both lovely, but we were a little carbed-out come home time! Lucky yours truly still had some citrusy Old Fashioned to wash it all down.


“Love The Grounds! Took a few friends from Singapore and they absolutely loved it! Next week I’ll share with you my favourite dish from there ~ Audra”


Finally, Happy Birthday Audra! Check out the magnificent cake fellow Masterchef contestant @kyliemillar made for her:


“When you celebrate a birthday once a year, you deserve a crazy cake. Kylie made this beautiful cake for me! I was over the moon, my first lolly cake ever! It was far too gorgeous to cut into but we did, all chocolate with layers of chocolate ganache and dulce de leche, oh my, it was just divine! Look out for more birthday celebrations where my version of lolly cakes will feature! The pressure is on!! ~ Audra”




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