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Happy New Year indeed!

January 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017 fellow Tasters! You may have seen our exciting news on Facebook that we have kicked off the new year with an exclusive relationship with SBS Food Channel.



That’s right – all of the current 16 Tasty Convos episodes can be found on Aussie TVs on SBS Food and right here on catch-up:

We feel very proud to be associated with Australia’s #1 Food & Lifestyle broadcaster and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship through 2017 and beyond.


Have you been keeping up with Audra’s U.S. culinary adventures on Instagram? Talk about making the rest of us jealous! Check out all the colour and deliciousness here:

We’ll be uploading a new Tasty vid this week, so keep those eyes peeled and pantries at the ready.



Book Launch: My Kitchen, Your Table

September 27, 2015

12039413_870116563071524_8654166225181296790_nEVENT: London book launch for My Kitchen, Your Table 

Notting Hill bookstore, Books for Cooks, said it was one of their best launches ever – and the place was packed! Did we mention that almost all the stock almost sold out? Congratulations to Audra on a hugely successful event!

12038311_870116596404854_6592749926945529757_n 12036931_870117323071448_1410473590243259112_n 11260424_870108489738998_2301783286010173956_n

And next it’s your turn, SYDNEY…make sure you RSVP:


Did you know that you can still catch up on all our Tasty eps on GEM? We’re thrilled about the continued popularity of our little show and that it continues to find a television audience. Here’s the next three eps, for your convenience!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.12.55 am



It’s been a busy couple of months!

September 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.31.24 AM

Well, how time flies! Just finding time to update you all has been a challenge in itself. Audra’s Singaporean adventures with Masterchef Asia can now be seen on the same channel as Tasty Conversations, Lifetime Asia. But if you’re closer to home, go to YouTube and check out the first episode right here:


“The Sydney launch is Oct 8th and books will hit the stores a couple of weeks before!” ~ Audra


In addition to premiering her second international TV show, Audra is also in the midst of a global book lunch for ‘My Kitchen, Your Table’. Have you got your copy yet? If you’re in Sydney, stay tuned for details regarding the launch on 8th October.





This week we were out shooting with Audra at EQ Village Markets for an exciting up-coming project. We can’t say too much here, but it was great to bump into fruit and veggies vendor Simon and everyone else at the fresh food stalls. Get along there every Wednesday and Saturday for the yummiest produce, flowers and treats.

This month we’re also loving the fun, quirky vids by My Cupcake Addiction. There are so many amazing and colorful recipes for all ages. Quit sugar? No way!

Don’t forget to keep sharing our website and Facebook page with your friends and thanks for your ongoing support – we always love hearing from our Tasty gang.

TC xx


Audra’s Brand New Line of Products now available

June 1, 2015

Hey there, Tasty Converts! Continuing our big news week theme, we are very happy to tell you all about Audra’s new line of delicious products: a mayo, a jam and a relish!


As many of you already know, Audra’s food philosophy is all about feasting, sharing and tapping into fresh seasonal produce. This line of products utilises only the best of Australian seasonal produce with an intent on fully supporting local growers. Each jar encapsulates Audra’s passion for food and pure love of cooking – and they are simply scrumptious.

Her range currently includes a Plum Chilli Relish, perfect for dolloping over a juicy beef burger or a perfect accompaniment to cheeses; a Pickled Green Chilli Mayo which, when smothered inside a pulled pork slider, takes you to a very happy place; and finally, her Vanilla Bean Fig Jam showcases Audra’s love for figs in its purest form. Enhanced with vanilla beans and perfect on top of rye toast, as a topping on a tart, with cheese or just dolloped over your favourite vanilla ice-cream, it’s hard to concentrate on telling you without racing to the cupboard for more!

Audra’s products are natural, free from preservatives & colouring and are all gluten free. Should you be in Singapore and want to try Audra’s new treats, hop along to Huber’s Butchery, Dempsey!

For all purchases in Australia, contact Audra at






Audra is Co-Host of Masterchef Asia!

May 29, 2015

This week’s news couldn’t be bigger for Audra. As 2015’s co-host of the inaugural #MasterChefAsia, we are so excited for her and especially the lucky contestants who get to learn from Audra. Currently in rehearsals for the show, we know she will do great and inspire another generation of amateur cooks.

Very excited to be one of the judges on the very first #MasterchefAsia! #mentor #talent #AudraJudges #heartandsoul #homecooks #Lifetime @SusurLee @BrunoMenard

Very excited to be one of the judges on the very first #MasterchefAsia! #mentor #talent #AudraJudges #heartandsoul #homecooks #Lifetime @SusurLee @BrunoMenard ~ Audra

Go to the #MasterChefAsia Facebook page and help support Audra. We’ll also keep you up to date with some gossip from the show and occasionally steal her away to share more yummy new recipes.

And, speaking of celebrations this week, we loved this 40th Birthday Surprise for Jamie Oliver (we in the office got almost as emotional as he, just quietly):   Happy Birthday #jamieoliver!

We’re almost at 1,000 Likes on the Tasty Convos Facebook page! help us get to the milestone by sharing with your fiends and family. We hope to bring you another series as soon as possible, so all the support we get really helps.



The countdown to chocolate overload begins…

March 26, 2015

As the countdown to Easter begins, we’re all busy in the kitchen with chocolate moulds & egg painting with the kids and planning grown-up family feasts. Audra’s strategising the menu for her annual Easter sojourn with friends and the rest of us are planning four days on the couch!



“I Love The Grounds! Took a few friends from Singapore and they absolutely loved it! My favourite dish? Has to be the avocado, heirloom tomatoes, persian feta and za’atar on toast – It brings me to my knees begging for more, every time. It’s a must go place and a big favourite of ours! Don’t forget to say hi to the beautiful Kevin the pig and the hairy chooks. Oh so cute!” ~ Audra


Audra’s about to roll out some Tasty Tips videos via our Facebook page, so if there’s anything you’re desperate to know, shoot us a comment or email. We’ll pick our favourite and immortalise a Tasty Tip just for you!

This week we’re loving this scrumptious (and, let’s face it, gorgeous)  Plum Jelly with Elderflower Chantilly Cream recipe from TC fave, Rachel Khoo – who was also recently in Melbourne, we see. Hi Rachel!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.01.29 pm




A Busy Week and a Birthday!

March 10, 2015

Audra’s been a busy little bee, plotting her next move in culinary domination and being spoiled with sweet treats from a close friend and former #Masterchef partner-in-crime!


“So, can you guess what’s going into these jars? #ImSoExcited ! ~ Audra”


There are close to a thousand of these little jars eagerly awaiting all the hard work Audra has been putting into their contents (and no, they’re not tequila-wormed shot glasses). We’ll keep you updated on progress and a sneak-peek at these exciting new products – suffice to way, the production office has tried some and found it hard not to triple dip!

This past fortnight we also indulged in a delicious meal at #ThePottingShed, boozy neighbour to The Grounds of Alexandria. With a fun, relaxed atmosphere, this new  hot spot was teaming with folk of all ages, drinking, laughing and keeping dry out of a ferocious Sydney storm. We ordered pretty well – the Kurobuta Pork Belly Sliders being a highlight – but here’s a tip: don’t order the Jacket-Roasted Sweet Potato if you’re partner’s already snuck in the Pumpkin Fatteh – both lovely, but we were a little carbed-out come home time! Lucky yours truly still had some citrusy Old Fashioned to wash it all down.


“Love The Grounds! Took a few friends from Singapore and they absolutely loved it! Next week I’ll share with you my favourite dish from there ~ Audra”


Finally, Happy Birthday Audra! Check out the magnificent cake fellow Masterchef contestant @kyliemillar made for her:


“When you celebrate a birthday once a year, you deserve a crazy cake. Kylie made this beautiful cake for me! I was over the moon, my first lolly cake ever! It was far too gorgeous to cut into but we did, all chocolate with layers of chocolate ganache and dulce de leche, oh my, it was just divine! Look out for more birthday celebrations where my version of lolly cakes will feature! The pressure is on!! ~ Audra”





From Orange Grove to Cook books and beyond!

February 21, 2015

First of all, welcome to the brand new Tasty Conversations website!

While it may have all seemed quiet on the Tasty front of late, we beg to differ. Audra and the team have been busy behind the scenes, promoting the show and working on future recipes, products, and concepts.

Dividing her time between Singapore and Sydney, a big focus for Audra this past 6 months has been her exciting new cook book. The recipes are nothing short of delicious, and with photography to match, we predict a flurry of excitement when it’s released in September this year. Grabbing the opportunity for a few more snaps for the book last weekend, Audra bumped into fellow ex-Masterchef contestant (and fellow food writer) #‎GrantJones‬ at Orange Grove Markets.

On the media front, Audra and Ben recently stopped by to have a chat and some laughs with Natascha Moy at Eastside Radio. One thing’s for sure – there now aren’t many people across Australia who haven’t heard about or witnessed Audra whipping up her delightful Frangipane Tart. So, if you haven’t already attempted it, click Recipes, watch the episode and and send us a pic with the final result!

Like us, we know that many of you like to follow recipes on your tablet or smartphone as you cook, so we also created a YouTube channel for this very reason. You can catch up on any of the fifteen episodes on this website, via Carnival Productions or here.

So – have a look around the website, share with us your thoughts and happy cooking!


Bumping into Grant Jones at Orange Grove Markets

Bumping into Grant Jones at Orange Grove Markets