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February 21, 2015

First of all, welcome to the brand new Tasty Conversations website!

While it may have all seemed quiet on the Tasty front of late, we beg to differ. Audra and the team have been busy behind the scenes, promoting the show and working on future recipes, products, and concepts.

Dividing her time between Singapore and Sydney, a big focus for Audra this past 6 months has been her exciting new cook book. The recipes are nothing short of delicious, and with photography to match, we predict a flurry of excitement when it’s released in September this year. Grabbing the opportunity for a few more snaps for the book last weekend, Audra bumped into fellow ex-Masterchef contestant (and fellow food writer) #‎GrantJones‬ at Orange Grove Markets.

On the media front, Audra and Ben recently stopped by to have a chat and some laughs with Natascha Moy at Eastside Radio. One thing’s for sure – there now aren’t many people across Australia who haven’t heard about or witnessed Audra whipping up her delightful Frangipane Tart. So, if you haven’t already attempted it, click Recipes, watch the episode and and send us a pic with the final result!

Like us, we know that many of you like to follow recipes on your tablet or smartphone as you cook, so we also created a YouTube channel for this very reason. You can catch up on any of the fifteen episodes on this website, via Carnival Productions or here.

So – have a look around the website, share with us your thoughts and happy cooking!


Bumping into Grant Jones at Orange Grove Markets

Bumping into Grant Jones at Orange Grove Markets

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